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Beretta - Single/Double Action Handgun
Beretta - Single/Double Action Handgun


My fee is $165.00 per person

 If you don't have your own handgun yet, I'll provide that, no charge. You provide your own ammo. (50 rounds for qualification, extra if you need to practice beforehand).


Some of these materials you will NOT need to download if you executed them in an ONLINE APPLICATION. Download those you need.

DPS is making all application materials downloadable for the public. Go to the DPS website and download the following or click on each link below to load the pdf:

Photo holder/id signature-CHL-6 .PDF.

Original application form-CHL-78A.PDF.

Authorization for release of records-CHL-85.PDF.

Knowledge of laws & Eligibility Affadavit-CHL-86.PDF.

TX Concealed Handgun Laws is a 70 page booklet that at this time is a free download, but there will be a charge in the future. CHL-16.PDF.


Pick a day for the class. Call me to confirm it's open. (of course weekends are busier than weekdays). If you need to use one of my guns, I'll tell you what ammunition (caliber) to bring to a predetermined location. For privacy concerns, the classroom portion of the class will be at your home or office, or a place you designate. I use ranges at Ft. Worth, Weatherford, and Breckenridge. Please bring your gun, eye and ear protection, 50 rounds of ammunition, (more if you need to practice beforehand). If you shoot the course with a semi-auto handgun, you may carry anything you want, AFTER receiving your license. If you qualify with a revolver, your license will be restricted to a revolver, and you can't carry anything else without going through the procedure to obtain a modified license. It is better to qualify with a semi-auto even if you normally shoot a revolver.

After you have qualified with the handgun, you'll take the classroom portion of the class. After that, there is a 50 question test. You'll need to get your passport photos made. The DPS no longer accepts ink fingerprints, so they must be done electronically. There is information on the electronic prints on the DPS website here.

It is NOT necessary to have all your application materials BEFORE you take the class. The paper you get from me will go with all the application papers to Austin.

Allow 6 to 8 weeks and you'll get your license in the mail. Don't carry a gun until the license is in your pocket.



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